Olimp Blackweiler Shred Shot
Blackweiler Shred - 60ml shot (Olimp)

Blackweiler Shred - 60ml shot (Olimp)

Product No.:
1 - 3 days 1 - 3 days  (abroad may vary)
0.06 kg per piece
1,90 EUR
3,17 EUR per 100 ml

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GodMode - 350g powder (Genetic Nutrition)
  •     Experience the most productive and extreme training sessions of your life
  •     Direct and indirect stimulation of increased and faster muscle building for maximum gains in the shortest possible time
  •     More intense muscle contractions and an increased mind-muscle connection for strength performance that seems out of this world
  •     Maximum delay in muscle exhaustion and maximum increase in training energy for more brutal, muscle-building repetitions per set and more intense sets per training unit
  •     Maximum focus and optimal concentration for the most productive training units of your life
  •     Intense, skin-bursting pump over two independent pathways that add up in their effect without loss
  •     Maximum blood supply to your hard-working muscles for a maximum supply of oxygen, energy, amino acids and the body's own muscle-building hormones
  •     Accelerated regeneration and replenishment of glycogen stores after training
  •     Potential increase in the body's own release of muscle-building hormones
  •     Reduction of exercise-induced catabolic cortisol levels and exercise-induced muscle damage
  •     Optimizing muscle hydration for maximum performance
  •     Maximum absorption and increased effect thanks to one of the most innovative absorption enhancer matrix you will find on the market
  •     With Oxystorm®, KSM-66, EnXtra®, AstraGin® and Bioperine, it contains the most innovative protected active ingredients that the market has to offer.
34,90 EUR
99,71 EUR per KG