Roughneck printed Shirts


With the crass printed shirts on Roughneck from our store you are standing still in the center.

Roughneck is a German brand that specializes in hardcore bodybuilding clothing. In addition to T-Shirts you will also find muscle shirts and other workout clothes here. Special Topics and Metal Roughneck series make these shirts unique.

Buy printed Shirts by Roughneck and Silberrücken

The T-shirts, and trousers of Muskelschirts Roughneck be produced in an elaborate screen printing process and are of top quality. In terms of color, there are some choices.
Attention in the care of the clothes: printed things always just wash at 30 ° on a synthetic cycle!

Silverback Shirts

The brand Silverback has the same origin as Roughneck and is also printed in Germany. What an idea by a group of bodybuilders was formerly, who have printed their distinctive mark on the T-shirts, has become a sought-after brand. With increasing demand his own company was launched, which now has several employees and sells the shirts over the country's borders. The motives of the brand Silverback based in bodybuilding area and are very popular among those same.
Visually similar to the prints of Silverback of posts originating from the USA brand Gorilla Wear, come over as described from Germany.

Get now your Roughneck-shirt or Silberrücken in our shop and all will be surprised!

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