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Not every bodybuilder works from the ground up only on his body but also in everyday life a profession, which he pursues. It often causes physical stresses which can additionally cause difficulties even in bodybuilding. Particularly the strength sports can sometimes get in the arms and legs, stretch tendons and ligaments and make things even more unpleasant than it is actually necessary. more ...
For prevention, there is the drum motor sports, you can work on the prevention principle as with bandages. The bandages are particularly important in the wrist area, but can also be found at the knees and ankles use. There are different products for the power sports wraps that can be used individually. In our shop, there are a wide range of accessories that are suitable for the bandages fitness.
Specifically, to the power sports bandages are not only the wrist support but also a knee brace and elbow bandages. In bodybuilding, particularly those protecting the tendons while supporting the pressure and the force is applied in bandages weight training. The wrist, the tendon sheaths and ligaments are protected, just at the knee, where the meniscus also plays a major role. This may drag at high power expenses and damages suffered. Operate with one of the bandages fitness relieves him and protects. The brace for the elbow to protect the deltoid and biceps before overstretching and focused at the same time force.
Generally, however, a bodybuilding wrist bandage and the other models of the series to protect against further damage if has been a violation. The muscle and the tendons are released and are thus mostly again fully operational for daily training. In our shop you get many offers. The clean look is worthwhile.

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elastic knee braces black red - 1 pair
• elastic knee braces
• Velcro and double stripes
• Color: Black / Red
• Length: 200 cm
These knee braces are ideal for beginners and intermediates.
Particularly easy to apply since they are provided with Velcro.
14,94 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Handwraps by Best Body Nutrition - 1 pair
• elastic handwraps to stabilize the wrists
• slip with thumb and velcro
• Material: 100% Polyester
• Length: 3.5 m
• Width: 5 cm
3,96 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Strongman wrist bandages 50cm - 1 pair (C.P. Sports)
  • Super-strong bandages with a special rubber-elastic mixture for the heaviest exercises
  • Perfect wrist stabilization in competition
  • Extra stable, corded thumb loops
  • 8cm wide Velcro fastener
  • extra long 50cm bandages
13,99 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Wrist wraps 'Woman Line' - 1 Pair
• elastic wrist wraps
• to stabilize the wrists
• Velcro
• Color: White / Red
• Length: 30 cm
Material: 80% polyester, 20% rubber
12,60 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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