The punching bag is a training device that is mostly used by boxers and martial artists. It is used in this area for the stamina and strength of training. This can be used for various training methods, such as batting practice or batting practice Fußkicks fists.
Therefore, the punching bag of a very robust and abrasion resistant material. To-day the punching bags are made of an abrasion-proof nylon cover, this in turn consists of plastics. Use for filling most lightweight materials such as Fabric remnants. By a hard filling such as Sandy you have no better training effect. The punching bag should be selected depending on the sport well considered. The boxer, who trained with his fist punching training, needs a different size as a martial artist and his fist Fußkicks trained. The possibilities vary in fixing the punching bag. This can be secured by a chain from the ceiling or placed (swivel) with a swivel base. Thus, the punching bag is the perfect training tool for boxers and martial artists. But it will also be used for fun and Agressionsabbau.
Handwraps by Best Body Nutrition - 1 pair
• elastic handwraps to stabilize the wrists
• slip with thumb and velcro
• Material: 100% Polyester
• Length: 3.5 m
• Width: 5 cm
3,96 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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