fitness gloves

fitness gloves

The right gloves for your bodybuilding training or competition, or just for your leisure activities can be found here.

Shopping for quality fitness gloves and sports gloves at reasonable prices

How do I measure my size?
To determine your exact glove size, measure the hand circumference without thumbs. Run the tape measure with no tie to the ankles in the middle hand. Corresponding to the measured in cm Hand Now select your glove size from our table.

Sports Gloves - Training gloves for fitness and bodybuilding

Basically, it's equal to what sport it is. Partly like the joints are stressed and sometimes even more than it is actually healthy. Especially when it comes to bodybuilding overexertion if you do not provide the right precautions. Claimed, for example, the arms and legs are the ligaments that attach the weights to be lifted. Remedy in this case the right training glove that not only protects the muscles and skin but can also simultaneously provide the right support.

Sports Gloves are especially advisable when it comes to the heavy pressure on your hands and you go at the same time would like to get some protection. Thus, a good pair of sports gloves always made from durable material, such as leather, and have on their palms a few durable seams that are not so easy to get apart. The fitness glove to protect the skin against irritation and can also score with its flexibility. Therefore, good sports gloves can also be used in regular sports and more often.

Particularly advisable fitness gloves because most bring an incorporated wrist bandage. This protects the wrist from overstretching or troublesome diseases such as tendonitis, which can be very painful. Similar to the weight lifting belts, gloves, however, support the bodybuilding the applied force, and compensates for the movements, so that the exercise can be facilitated by a multiple.

In our range you will find everything on the lookout for a good pair of fitness gloves. Good workmanship, we can in making the bodybuilding gloves of course guarantee and the price is quite impressive. In the future you will be in the use of fitness gloves find the exercises easier. In addition to leather is the way in the production of bodybuilding gloves used nylon, depending on the model. These fitness gloves, however, have the same conditions as the other models.

Profi Gym Gloves - 1 pair (BBN Hardcore)
  • high-quality gloves
  • double seams on the underpart
  • stretch texture for comfort and perfect fit
  • anatomically preformed for perfect fit
  • with adjustable fixing
  • Material: 60 % leather*, 15 % faux leather (60 % polyester, 40 % polyurethane), 17 % lanthan, 5 % polyurethane, 3 % polyester

* Contains non-textile parts of animal origin

Important!!! We recommend to order the gloves slightly larger, because your palm of the hand increases during the training. This can occur with small gloves cause the seams rip. The measurements for the sizes refer to the volume of the palm.

Available in the sizes:

  • M = 18 - 20 cm
  • L = 20 - 22 cm
  • XL = 22 - 24 cm
  • XXL = 24 - 26 cm
The measurements for the sizes refer to the volume of the palm.
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