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weight gainer and carbs

Weight Gainer are very high calorie combinations of carbss and proteins. Especially for the development of body and muscle mass, they are neccessary. But also the energy extraction in endurance sports will be positively influenced.
The Weight Gainer were originally developed for bodybuilders. Weight Gainer should be directly after training will be lost to rebuild energy reserves. Each carbohydrate in the body has other implications.
Simple carbohydrates such as dextrose (glucose) from the body can be quickly and provide fast energy. Längerkettige carbohydrates (starches, maltose) delivered slowly for a long time and energy and are also interesting for endurance athletes. Depending on the stage of training and training objective should be especially food supplements on the right carbohydrates eighth.

Suggested short-carbohydrates for beginners:
Objective: fast "mass on the ribs pack"
Look at the products on the ingredients: dextrose, glucose, sucrose and small shares of maltodextrin.

Recommended for advanced long Carbohydrates:
Objective: existing mass through the development of quality muscle.
Look at the products on the ingredient maltodextrin, and protein to a share of at least 25%.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass
  • The ultimate weight gain formula.
  • Serious Mass has 1,250 high-quality calories per serving.
  • Supports muscle growth with 50g protein. Contains an additional 250g of carbs per serving.
  • Enjoy it between meals, after workouts and / or before bedtime.
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