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Here you will find products consisting only of carbohydrates. In contrast to the weight gainers, which additionally contain protein, amino acids and creatine, the pure carbohydrates consist only of short- or long-chain sugar molecules. The shorter the carbohydrate, the faster the body can use it.

Use of pure carbohydrates

The pure carbohydrates in our shop are mainly used for mixing with other products in order to increase the energy content. The use is left to everyone and taste, so carbohydrates can simply be mixed in muesli or quark desserts or also for the enrichment of protein shakes. Pure carbohydrates can of course also be prepared separately as a drinking meal or shake, but there are also different flavors.
The use of carbohydrates are therefore no limits, as they are also easy to dissolve in most food and liquids.

Carbo Nox - 1KG powder (Olimp)
  • optimal energy supplier before and during the training
  • Carbohydrate complex of maltodextrin, glucose, isomaltulose (source of glucose and fructose)
  • L-arginine HCL
  • many important vitamins and minerals
  • delicious taste
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Iso Plus + L-Carnitine - 700g powder (Olimp)
  • A precisely composed powder concentrate for the production of isotonic drinks
  • Hydrates the body to the maximum and restores the water and electrolyte balance during and after training
  • The formula is enriched with L-carnitine, L-glutamine and vitamins, which provide additional support for the organism during extended exertion
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