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Weightgainers are energizing mixtures for the mass composition, consisting of carbohydrates, protein, amino acids and mostly also creatine.The different gainers have different ratios of carbohydrates to protein, as needed. As a principle, the higher the proportion of carbohydrates, the faster the body will have energy available after intake and the faster the mass build-up will take place.

Nutrition and Weight Gainer

However, in order to achieve a fast mass build-up, Gainer should not be used as a meal substitute. Instead, it should be taken between the meals and immediately after the workout. Also, one should continue to eat a lot, even "beyond the hunger". Some athletes simply replace their meals with weight gainers, which is counterproductive.

Olimp Gain Bolic Beutel
Due to the perfect mixture of carbohydrates and proteins, our Olimp Gain Bolic 6000 is especially suitable for hard gainers who are struggling to build muscle.
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Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass
  • The ultimate weight gain formula.
  • Serious Mass has 1,250 high-quality calories per serving.
  • Supports muscle growth with 50g protein. Contains an additional 250g of carbs per serving.
  • Enjoy it between meals, after workouts and / or before bedtime.
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