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creatine brings mainly a performance-enhancing effect in high-intensity short-term exposure:

  • weight training, sprints, long jump, high jump, weight lifting, etc.
  • increase in body weight (muscle growth) in muscle building workout.

Optimal time for supply intakes

To improve performance and to build muscle in the charging phase: use preferably on days one to six times daily five grams of creatine from creatine shop with water or a carbohydrate drink between meals. Preferably take on days seven to 42 grams once a day three with a carbohydrate-rich drink after a workout or in the morning after waking up: to increase performance and build muscle in the holding phase. Then take a break of four weeks.

Creatine - 120 Tabs (Activlab)
Creatine monohydrate in tablet form for easy use.
  • 1000mg monohydrate per tablet
  • 4 tablets a day
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7,36 EUR per 100 g

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Olimp Creatine 1250

OLIMP Creatine Mega Caps is a micronized creatine form in capsules

  • Per capsule:
  • 1250 mg of creatine monohydrate
  • Mesh 200
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Olimp Creatine 1250 400 Mega Caps

OLIMP Creatine Mega Caps is a micronized creatine form in capsules

  • Per capsule:
  • 1250 mg of creatine monohydrate
  • Mesh 200
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Scitec Creatine Monohydrate

100% CREATIN powder with the most concentrated and purest creatine monohydrate

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Creatine Powder Super - 500g powder (Activlab)
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Biotech USA Creatine Zero
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Biotech USA CreaTor
  • 1200 mg Crea.TOR Creatine Blend
  • (Buffered, Micronized, HCl, Gluconate, AKG)
  • 100 mg NRG Maximize
  • 170 mg ATP Factor
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Creatine - Energy and sporty look

Creatine is formed in the human body mainly in liver, kidney and pancreas from the amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine (about 1 gram per day). It is a known for more than a century endogenous substance, some of produced by the body itself or on the food, especially meat and fish taken. A person of 70 kg has about 100 to 120 grams of creatine stored in the body, mainly in skeletal muscle, heart muscle and brain.

The daily requirement of creatine is about 2 to 4 grams of creatine with the aid of the enzyme creatine kinase (CK) for the energy-rich compound phospho-creatine (PCr) "charged" , This chemical energy is then available in the organs and cells for diverse purposes,
e.g. for the contraction of skeletal and cardiac muscle, as well as for the maintenance of the internal cell environment through energy supply of ion pumps (calcium and sodium / potassium pump).

main function of creatine from the shop

Creatine is an energy buffer. It is on the resynthesis of the energy currency of the body, the adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) involved. The more creatine is stored in the muscles, the more ATP can be simulated faster. Is the more or faster ATP available, the higher the level of athletic performance at high intensity.

Recommended range of creatine

creatine just brings a performance-enhancing effect in high-intensity short-term exposure: weight training, sprints, long jump, high jump, weight lifting, etc. This leads to increase in body weight and muscle growth through proper training

. Secured and possible performance supportive effects of creatine :


  • Increased intramuscular creatine (plus 20%) and Phosphokreatinkonzentration (plus 25%) and better availability
  • increase power by up to 12%
  • faster phosphocreatine right after repetitive peak performance in the recovery phase (interval loads) and thus
  • faster recovery capability
  • lower lactate, ammonia and hypoxanthine formation in high-intensity short-term exposures (= Ermüdungsleitstoffe)

Due to the different research results internationally known athletes (eg, 100-meter Olympic champion Linford Christie) have started about 10 years ago with the sale of creatine supplementation, achieving amazing performance increases of up to 20%.

performance by creatine

The supply of ATP is sufficient for about two to three seconds in the high performance range. The body must then stored in muscle creatine phosphate (CP, see Figure 1) split to form new ATP. If this is not done, the performance should be canceled. The example of the popular bench press exercise, this can be clearly explained:
When using very heavy weight about 70% of power training, the body has enough ATP for about two repetitions. The energy for the third and fourth by the above repetition is Breakdown of creatine phosphate provided. The energy for the fifth and sixth repetition is made available to the transformation of stored muscle glycogen (stored sugar). Then acidifies the muscle, and the practice must be stopped. Purchased by the increased supply of creatine in the form of powder from the creatine creatine store, as a dietary supplement for the intermediate storage of the third and fourth repetition can be increased. The more creatine phosphate is stored in the muscle, the greater the energy reserve.
If the reserves are filled, a total of at least two more repetitions can be completed, as more energy is available. As is often observed that by Kreatinkur the maximum power can be increased to 10 kg bench press kann.Diese performance improvement can be applied to every strength training.

Red Line: Ordinary course after taking 3 grams of creatine for 28 days
Black line: Ordinary course after taking 4-5 grams of creatine for 5 to 6 days, followed by maintenance dose of 2 grams above , about 28 days
Blue Line: Ordinary course after taking 4-5 grams of creatine for 5 to 6 days without subsequent maintenance dose

body weight gain / muscle growth

creatine is stored in the muscles. This stored water creatine and other nutrients are transported into the muscle cell also increased. The muscles will inflate dramatically. On the one hand muscles look fuller, resulting in a increase in muscle mass. In addition, the body weight increases
depending on the initial content of creatine phosphate before Kreatinkur by up to 5 kg in six weeks. There are further indications that due to the increased water content in the cell also increases the rate of protein synthesis (up of muscle protein). This effect probably is due to accumulation of water in the loaded muscles as 1 gram of creatine in the cell can bind 23 grams of water.
The subjective survey of athletes showed that they felt a change in muscle feeling and it felt a muscular well-being even in strenuous exercise.


loading phase

on days one through six take up to 5 grams four times a day with water or preferably with a carbohydrate-rich drink between meals.

holding phase

preferably take on days seven to 42 grams once daily for 3 with a carbohydrate-rich drink after a workout or in the morning after getting up. Then take a break of four weeks.

supply without Loadingphase

Alternatively can also be supplied for the period of 28 days, 3 grams of creatine daily. The same total creatine concentration is achieved as in the method described above. The weight gain occurs, however, a not so fast.
Especially for people who do not want to bloat so fast, but are interested in the increased force development, this method is preferable. In some individuals, at high doses cause stomach and intestinal problems. These persons may therefore this method can be recommended.


six subjects, the effects of creatine uptake time (20 g) were assayed for creatine, and the horm. concentration in the blood compared to control conditions. After the substitution, there was a significant increase (83 ± 45%) of the horm. concentration, but whose expression varied individually.
In most subjects, maximum values ​​were measured within two to six hours after ingestion. The creatine concentration in the blood reached a maximum one to three hours after ingestion. The results suggest that under quiescent conditions high doses of creatine act on the horm. like high load and cause an increase in the secretion. Other authors report that increases the effect of creatine uptake, when loaded simultaneously. Also, it is assumed that a co-factor load required to activate the horm. This co-factor could possibly represent that creatine. As side effects of creatine uptake showed fluid retention and increased
Increase in free fatty acids in the blood.
Another common feature is that both the creatine uptake, such as the horm. acts on the type II muscle fibers.

Source: UK (Schedel JM et al.: Acute creatine loading Enhances human horm. secretion J Sports Med Phys Fitness 40 (2000) 336-342) Journal of Sports Medicine 3/2001

High quality creatine buy

came on the market as creatine prices of up to $ 100 for 500 grams were common. Now they can buy 500 grams of creatine for 12 to 25 EUR. The onslaught of low-cost carriers led inter alia at this price decline. But there are differences in quality.

The synthetic process can be carried out safely and complex or simplified and inexpensive either. To produce will inter alia Cyanamide needed. In order to produce cheaper, among others substandard raw materials used, as well as reducing the number of purification steps. The result is a creatine of poor quality and low purity. Unfortunately, this can be ascertained either in smell or appearance. Only in the laboratory differences can be detected.

is often determined by the cheap manufacturers only the creatine content. It is understood that it is the residual water of crystallization. Since the possibilities of the analysis are always better today can also be determined the creatinine, dicyandiamide and Dihydrotriazingehalt.

Some facts about the o.g. Substances


This is a natural breakdown product of creatine, which is produced by spontaneous non-enzymatic cyclization of creatine elimination of water and is excreted via the kidneys. It can sometimes result in higher concentration in previously damaged kidney to renal impairment and should therefore be present in as small a quantity in the starting material.


It is speculated that might arise from this compound in the human body potentially toxic compounds (HCN or cyanide). It is excreted from the body through the kidneys. Due to poor production and lack of cleaning, higher concentrations of them in cheaper goods coming from.

Dihydrotriazine [DHT]

raw material for the production of paints and pesticides. It is a compound with unknown pharmaceutical and toxicological characteristics. This compound is not naturally in the human body and therefore could adversely effect there.

Is creatine a doping substance?

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has said in an official statement that there are no objective reasons to take creatine on the doping list, and that creatine by athletes and athletes still allowed as a food supplement for natural f NATURAL performance increase can be taken.
Creatine is also recommended for well-trained recreational athletes, mountaineers, etc., often come to the limits of their physical capacity, not only because of the increase in the effective physical performance, but also because the recovery of large s efforts is improved and accelerated.

information about creatine from the shop

caffeine can affect the action of creatine. A low intake of caffeine by one to two cups of coffee, however, is harmless.

  • Who is prone to seizures should also taking magnesium (250 mg daily).
  • So-called non-responders can not take creatine. These people have been of a very high nature of creatine.
  • by the simultaneous addition of glucose the uptake of creatine can be improved (only for performance enhancement and weight gain).

Possible side effects of creatine

date, no significant side effects of creatine are known, apart from occasional mild flatulence, which are often due to the fact that the powder is swallowed with too little liquid and relatively poorly soluble creatine powder in acidic environment of the stomach remains lie. In some individuals occur primarily during the loading phase mild to moderate muscle cramps, mainly in the calves, but which disappear after taking extra magnesium (150 to 600 mg per day) soon. This latter phenomenon can be explained that the increase in phospho-creatine levels in muscle leads to a decrease in the concentration of free magnesium in the muscle cell, because phospho-creatine (PCr) itself Can bind magnesium.

warning of liquid creatine from creatine stores

The desire of each dietary supplement manufacturer is to produce a finished drink with creatine. Creatine is, however, in dissolved form only a few hours. Then it breaks into the degradation product creatinine. The previously liquid products on the market contain only 0.5% of the declared content of creatine. Moreover, these products are extremely expensive and promise in advertising too much. Of these products is strongly discouraged. Lately is another version of the Kreatinmonohydrates on the market, which is supposed to be stable in liquid. We will inform you if this product does what it promises.

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