beef proteins

Beef protein is a long-known and high-quality source of protein from beef. The Beef Protein Isolate is produced without added sugar or gluten.
Since this protein does not need milk, it is also free of lactose, which is especially for athletes and bodybuilders with lactose intolerance ( lactose intolerance) is interesting.
Also, people who give up pork meat for personal reasons or because of their religion , Beef can buy proteins since it Off course also does not contain ingredients from pork.

The Beef proteins by Biotech USA

Since 2010 Scitec Nutrition , known as one of the leading manufacturers of protein concentrates worldwide also Beef Proteien . Here, the manufacturer puts a high value on the purity of the protein and is not overloaded additives such as gluten , lactose. Similarly, the protein concentrates are sugar-free , which is especially bodybuilders should enjoy .

Attaches particular importance Biotech on the taste of Beefproteine ​​. Some manufacturers tasting protein concentrates of beef rather tart and slightly uncomfortable . To the manufacturer , it is possible to develop several pleasant flavors , which is very beneficial in these proteins.

Beef isolates as a competitive protein

Most beef isolates have less than 1 % carbohydrates in the dry matter . So also results for bodybuilders in preparation for a competition a good alternative to conventional protein powders. Mixed with water , not milk , this Beef isolates are ideal for the definition of the muscles.

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