testosterone booster

testosterone booster

A special group of sports nutrition is known as testosterone boosters. These are mostly products with the ingredients Maca, Tribulus Terrestris and Zinc. Also, products with a high content of caffeine or guarana can be found here. Although these are not testosterone booster but can contribute to the necessary motivation prior to training. Therefore one speaks of these products also of training booster.

Why to buy testosterone booster?

Sports Nutrition products with Tribulus Maca or also with Fenugreek (= fenugreek) contain plant steroid saponins, which are similar in composition to human steroids. The best you can buy these as capsules or tablets and taking. About the effects of testosterone boosters, there are few scientific data. Therefore, many athletes rely on their own experience and buy some products to test this. However, one should not expect too much of ingredients we tribulus or maca. By taking this to the level of testosterone is hardly doubled. Relying on the experience of strength athletes, who have already bought Testobooster, there are different resonances. Some report more aggression during training and increased libido, some tell of increased facial hair and better results in building muscle. Still others say they have felt none of that. To what extent they are placebo effects in the described effects remains to be seen, because as I said there is little research and findings to bought testosterone boosters.

Zinc is differently. For this mineral, there are already established findings and explicit effects that have been proven in various studies. For example, EU Commission expressly stated in its regulation on several properties and effects of zinc (compared REGULATION (EU) No 432/2012). Here, for example, speaks of "... Erhaltug a normal testosterone levels in the blood" and many other effects. To denote pure zinc products as testosterone booster would be little point, but many other features play a role, not just for bodybuilders.

Whether you buy Testosterone Booster or not is ultimately up to you. The fact is that there are many positive reactions but little scientific evidence. It is best to ask other bodybuilders or strength athletes, who have already bought testosterone boosters, about their experiences and recommendations.
The strength training as a natural testosterone booster

As already described, there is little evidence confirmed as regards the sports nutrition for increasing testosterone levels. However, there is a way to increase the Testonsterongehalt in the body in a natural way: bodybuilding. Here, however, an effective and focused training is necessary. Lift weights a few times just is not enough - is rather constant demand. Due to the metabolic processes are and after exercise, the human body releases a lot of testosterone and grow.horm. from alone. Many studies prove that with an appropriate exercise of the testosterone levels increased significantly.

Training Rules: between sets one to two minute break. The exercises must be clean and running at the beginning of a rapid acceleration. Drain the weight should be done slowly. For the beginner, it is important to train without tearing and strengthen your back muscles to protect the joints and ligaments. For muscles to grow faster than the ligaments to stretch.

Please note further, not too much to train the testosterone booster training, so to avoid overtraining and to refrain from too much partying, alcohol and stress. Also has a negative effect on testosterone levels.

Intake of Testoboosters

It is best to take the products, whether capsules, tablets or liquid, spread throughout the day with plenty of liquid. The Einnahem directly before training is less recommended, as is often reported by the slight swelling of the abdomen because of the contained plant ingredients, which can lead to an unpleasant pressure during muscle training course. When you consider all the information is an effective muscle building workout is not in the way. We wish you success in buy Testosterone Booster!

Ashwagandha - 60 capsules (Biotech USA)
  • It is a natural plant extract
  • for 60 days
  • In one serving (1 capsule):
  • 245 mg Ashwagandha root extract
  • thereof 3.675 mg vitanolide
9,90 EUR
17,68 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
Black Test - 90 Mega Caps (Biotech USA)
  • 9 active ingredients
  • 3 plant extracts: Fenugreek seed extract, Milk thistle fruit extract, Broccoli extract
  • NO precursor with L-arginine
  • Beta-alanine contributing to carnosine production
  • ZMB complex
  • Stimulant-free
Sliding scale prices:
1 units per 26,90 EUR (22,42 EUR per 100 g)
2 units per 23,00 EUR (19,17 EUR per 100 g)
3-4 units per 22,00 EUR (18,33 EUR per 100 g)
> 4 units per 19,90 EUR (16,58 EUR per 100 g)
26,90 EUR
22,42 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
DAA instant - 300g powder (Allnutrition)
  • 3000 mg D-aspartic acid per serving
  • Supports anabolism in the muscles
  • Promotes physical performance
  • Accelerates regeneration
  • Increases natural testosterone levels in men
16,90 EUR
56,33 EUR per KG
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
DAA Xtreme - 60 tabs (Olimp)
  • 1 tablet contains:
  • 1600mg DAA
  • 7.5mg of vitamin E
  • 2.1mg of vitamin B6
  • 7.5mg zinc
14,87 EUR
12,71 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
Fenugreek - 60 capsules (Biotech USA)
  • natural plant extract
  • for 30 days
8,90 EUR
11,71 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
ForTest - 120 capsules (Olimp)
  • A formula designed for men over 35 years of age
  • Support of libido and sexual function (Maca root extract, saffron)
  • Help in maintaining normal levels of testosterone in the blood (zinc)
  • Support for the normal function of the nervous system, to reduce tiredness and fatigue and to regulate hormonal activity (vitamin B6)
  • The dietary supplement does not contain any substances that are considered doping
27,90 EUR
30,33 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
GABA - 120 capsules (Allnutrition)
9,90 EUR
11,00 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
GABA - 90 capsules (ESN)
  •     high-dose Gaba Giga Caps
  •     Gamma amino butyric acid
  •     Neurotransmitters
  •     can promote restful sleep
  •     can promote relaxation under stress
  •     improved sleep in regeneration phases
  •     perfect for muscle building phases
  •     100% vegan product
  •     Quality product, made in Germany
18,90 EUR
18,00 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
GH Hormon Regulator - 120 capsules (Biotech USA)


  • 2:1:1 ratio of arginine, ornithine and lysine
  • Vitamin B6 contributes to natural hormone production
  • Safe and doping-free
  • Hormone and prohormone-free
13,90 EUR
16,95 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
HGH Night - 60 capsules (Activlab)
  • unique formula
  • stimulates the growth hormone
  • accelerates the increase in strength and the growth of muscle mass
  • facilitates the reduction of adipose tissue
  • favors sleep
14,90 EUR
23,65 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
HMB - 150 capsules (Biotech USA)
Sliding scale prices:
1 units per 19,90 EUR (9,95 EUR per 100 g)
2 units per 18,90 EUR (9,45 EUR per 100 g)
3-4 units per 17,90 EUR (8,95 EUR per 100 g)
> 4 units per 16,90 EUR (8,45 EUR per 100 g)
19,90 EUR
9,95 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
HMB 1250 - 120 Mega Caps (Olimp)
  • 1250mg HMB per capsule
  • ultra high concentration
  • Can help build lean muscle mass
21,00 EUR
12,07 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
HMBolon NX - 300 Mega Caps (Olimp)

Olimp HMBolon NX® supplements the diet with calcium hydroxymethyl butyrate!

  • Increases the development of strength and lean muscle mass
  • Supplemented the diet with calcium hydroxy-methyl butyrate (CaHMB) enriched with AAKG and creatine malate
  • Supports the reduction of subcutaneous fat and the buildup of muscle protein
37,40 EUR
9,44 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
Maca - 60 capsules (Biotech USA)
Thanks to its capsule form, BioTechUSA Maca is easy to use and take with you anywhere during the day.
14,90 EUR
19,61 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
T-100 Hardcore - 120 capsules (Olimp)
  • Maximum increase of testosterone
  • Free of illegal substances
  • ELITE TESTO SUPPORT BLEND: Fenugreek, Tribulus terrestris, zinc
  • E2-BLOCK: Pomegranate seed, Avena sativa, piperine,
33,91 EUR
20,68 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
T-Steron - 120 capsules (Berserk Labs)
  • It affects your well-being
  • Increase your anabolism
  • Reach your maximum
14,90 EUR
18,63 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
TestoBolan - 100 capsules (BBN Hardcore)
  • trainings booster with maca, ginseng und L-arginine
  • optimised with zinc and vitamin B6
  • can contribute to the gain of the musculature and to reduce fat
  • supports the blood circulation and thereby the potency
  • increases the body’s own testosterone production
  • easy dosage
Content: 91,1 g (100 capsules à 911 mg)
16,20 EUR
17,78 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
Testoxeed - 120 capsules (Olimp)
  • Highly dosed to regulate testosterone production in men
  • TESTO GENERATION Formula: 1875mg DAA, trans-resveratrol, maca, avena-sativa, fenugreek, zinc
  • PRO_Activation Blend: Rosavin, Ashwagandha, AstraGin, Schisandra, Piperine, Vitamins B2, B6, B12
  • produced according to KSM-66 standard
33,57 EUR
21,80 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
Tribu Stallion - 60 capsules (Activlab)
  • 1000 mg of Tribulus Terrestris extract in each capsule
  • stimulates the release of testosterone
  • increases strength and muscle mass
  • increases training effectiveness and sexual performance
9,90 EUR
13,75 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
Tribusteron 90 - 120 capsules (Olimp)
The nutritional supplement OLIMP TRIBUSTERON 90 contains powdered Tribulus extract. It supplies the organism with glycosides, with plant alkaloids as well as with bioflavonoids.
21,90 EUR
29,59 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
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