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Everybody knows this fact: after work from early to late, everyone is actually happy to be arrived at home and then not able to motivate for the training itself.

Here our training booster can help!

When the body is at rest and you have already mentally switched off after a hard day, many, no longer to find the problem the motivation to go to the gym to do something for the character and fitness. This is probably mostly in the metabolism. After having sat a day in the office without much to move, the metabolism is regulated automatically by the body down. Is it then only once at home and takes any space on the couch, even the brain switches to economy mode.
The result: You feel flat and tired, even though you barely moves all day (or precisely because of it). Raise the necessary motivation, but even to start the way in gym, then the most difficult.

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Knockout 2.0 - 50 portions / 305g (Olimp)
The product contains a high portion of beta-alanine, L-arginine, L-citrulline, taurine and caffeine.
Sliding scale prices:
1 units per 23,90 EUR (77,10 EUR per KG)
2 units per 22,00 EUR (70,97 EUR per KG)
3-4 units per 21,00 EUR (67,74 EUR per KG)
> 4 units per 19,90 EUR (64,19 EUR per KG)
23,90 EUR
77,10 EUR per KG
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
L-Arginine - 300g powder (Mammut)
  • L-Arginine hydrochloride
  • mixable with other products
  • optimised with magnesium
  • easy dosage
12,99 EUR
43,30 EUR per KG
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
L-Arginine - 500g powder (Protein Buzz)
  • Who is L-Arginine powder recommended to?
  • endurance athletes for pre-workout use
  • bodybuilders
  • those sensitive to additives
  • those who like custom mixes
Sliding scale prices:
1 units per 22,90 EUR (45,80 EUR per KG)
2 units per 20,90 EUR (41,80 EUR per KG)
3-4 units per 19,90 EUR (39,80 EUR per KG)
> 4 units per 17,90 EUR (35,80 EUR per KG)
22,90 EUR
45,80 EUR per KG
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
L-Arginine - 90 capsules (Biotech USA)
  • 1,440 mg L-Arginine
10,90 EUR
10,38 EUR per 100 g
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
Pre Workout for Her - 120g powder (Biotech USA)


  • Pre-workout complex with optimised active ingredient content
  • L-carnitine content
  • Antioxidants
  • Green tea and green coffee extracts
  • Carb-free
  • Free of sugar, lactose and gluten*
13,90 EUR
115,83 EUR per KG
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
Professional Pre Noxx - 600g powder (Best Body Nutrition)
  • All-in-One Pre Workout Booster*
  • perfect mix of coordinated ingredients
  • high quality carbohydrate source **
  • high protein content
  • contains beta-alanine, L-arginine, L-citrulline and BCAA
  • optimised with vitamin B6
  • delicious fruity blood orange flavour
  • with practical dosing scoop
28,90 EUR
48,17 EUR per KG
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
Pump Xplode - 300g powder (Olimp)
The product contains high levels of L-Citrulline, L-Arginine and Beta-Alanine. It also contains black pepper extract (Piper nigrum L.) and vitamins of the B group (niacin, vitamin B6, thiamine and vitamin B12).
Sliding scale prices:
1 units per 20,90 EUR (69,67 EUR per KG)
2 units per 18,90 EUR (63,00 EUR per KG)
3-4 units per 17,90 EUR (59,67 EUR per KG)
> 4 units per 17,50 EUR (58,33 EUR per KG)
20,90 EUR
69,67 EUR per KG
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
R-Weiler - 60ml Shot (Olimp)
  • Improved stamina, which prevents increased fatigue and allows longer training times (beta alanine)
  • Higher concentration and increase in energy (caffeine)
  • Less muscle fatigue (beta-alanine)
  • Increased heat production that reduces fat synthesis in adipocytes (cayenne pepper extract)
1,80 EUR
3,00 EUR per 100 ml
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
Redweiler - 480g powder (Olimp)
  • A powerful pre-workout supplement
  • For people who practice bodybuilding, strength training and power endurance sports
  • For extreme pumping in training
33,00 EUR
68,75 EUR per KG
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
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Buy workout booster for motivation

Highly concentrated caffeine, guarana or taurine, as it is also present in energy drinks, is included in most training boosters. About its effect nothing more needs to be said. Additives such as vitamins B6 or B12 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and regulate the hormone activity in the human body. A deficiency of vitamins B6 or B12 can also lead to a reduced energy metabolism as well as to a reduced red blood cell formation. This would be an explanation for this "flat" feeling when one lacks the necessary motivation for training. Besides the positive effect that one ever goes to the training, a more effective training can be achieved through the contribution to energy metabolism, as would be the case for example with vitamin deficiency.

The quality of the products

Even with the training boosters and the quality is next to the appropriate ingredients of course important. Iron Body has therefore on this page only high quality products for sale that have been hergstellt and bottled in Germany in compliance sämltliche standards of purity and care.

We recommend therefore, training booster at low prices but top quality on sale in our shop so that you can defeat your "inner demon" and regularly do something for your health and fitness. Your body will thank you!

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