supplements for vegetarian and vegan

vegetarian and vegan

Find sports nutrition especially for those who want to give up animal products and on a vegetarian or vegan diet attach importance.
The proteins and protein-containing products, such as weight gainers is hereby completely dispensed animal protein and vegetable protein used.
In the sports nutrition in capsule form, make sure that the gelatin shell only vegetable oils and fats were used.

Buy vegetarian or vegan sports nutrition in Iron Body Shop!

  • Guaranteed free from animal ingredients
  • tested quality from the best resources
Best Body Nutrition HARDCORE Amino 5000 - 325 tabs
  • Hardcore Amino Power in form of tablets
  • formula of whey proteins and soya protein
  • free from colourants, sweeteners and preservatives
  • no wheat, pea, lupine or collagenic protein contained
Content: 682,5 g (325 tablets á 2100 mg)
18,99 EUR
2,78 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
DAA Xtreme - 60 tabs (Olimp)
  • 1 tablet contains:
  • 1600mg DAA
  • 7.5mg of vitamin E
  • 2.1mg of vitamin B6
  • 7.5mg zinc
14,87 EUR
12,71 EUR per 100 g
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
Hardcore Whey Amino Shot - 20x25ml ampouls (Best Body Nutrition)
  • contains high grade whey protein hydrolysate without collagen
  • 39.1 % protein per ampoule
  • enriched with vitamin B6
  • convenient ampoule for take away
  • ideal after the training
Our standard price 26,99 EUR
Your price 26,50 EUR
53,00 EUR per Liter
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
Ironbody Hardcore L-Arginine - 500g powder
• easy to mix with other products
• high-quality L-arginine hcl
• Quality from Germany
Sliding scale prices:
1 units per 26,90 EUR (53,80 EUR per KG)
2-4 units per 23,00 EUR (46,00 EUR per KG)
> 4 units per 19,90 EUR (39,80 EUR per KG)
26,90 EUR
53,80 EUR per KG
incl. 16% tax excl. Shipping costs
Maltodextrin - 1KG powder (Protein Buzz)
Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate mixture of simple and multiple sugars. Because of its relatively neutral taste (not sweet), maltodextrin is well suited to making high-energy drinks or food.
7,99 EUR
7,99 EUR per KG
incl. 5% tax excl. Shipping costs
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