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Here you can find our training equipment for your abdominal training. Our tools are in top quality, such as in your fitness studio and the best guarantee of success in training. Because nothing is as sexy as a Sixpack!

The abdominal muscles

 Washboard stomach is a slang term for the strong and little adipose tissue concealed abdominal muscles in humans. The muscles in the abdominal area is inflated several times, leading to the designation "washboard stomach" has resulted. In general, there are six visible vaults (three on each side), and also from English-speaking countries of origin concept Sixpack (GV "Six Pack") is used.
 Anatomically seen is the washboard abdominal muscle the contours of the rectus abdominis (Straight abdominal) under the skin. The horizontal subdivisions created by an intermediate tendon (Intersectiones tendineae). The number of these cuts varies between none and four, which also anatomically speaking, no way to a washboard stomach or even a "tenpack" as can be. The vertical division is the division of the two muscle lanes left and right of the navel through the linea alba.
 To create a washboard stomach to get there requires an intensive training of all lots by abdominal exercises and diversified the strict reduction of body fat to body fat stored in the muscles visible. The relief is generally only for a body fat percentage of less than 12% for men, women already at about 15% visible
 Situps (Hull Lift)
 • With legs slightly bent store (this is an over-stretching of the abdominal muscles avoided).
 • The arms behind the head cross over.
 • The upper body lift as far as possible, preferably to the chin almost touching knees.
 • Then the upper back slowly to leave behind.
 • Put yourself in need an extra weight in the neck.
 • The steeper the location of the body, the more difficult the exercise.
 • When lowering the upper body inhale
 • When raising exhale.
 Home Training:
 • Can easily be executed at home. For beginners, the implementation on the ground. Otherwise, only some increase (eg bed edge) needed to carry out this exercise.
 Turning Stock
 • With gespreizten legs up.
 • a Rod (eg broomstick) on the shoulders and with a wide grip hold.
 • Now the upper body as far as possible in one direction, while the hip remains stiff as possible.
 • Then the torso in the opposite direction.
 • This exercise is not only a good warm-up exercise, but also burns a lot of fat in a sufficient number of repetition.
 • This exercise can with a high speed.
 • Breathe evenly e.g. when turning right and turning out at the link.
 • Uniform breathing is important so that side stitches elusive.
 Home Training:
 • Can easily be executed at home. There is only one pole is needed.
 Cable Pull
 • On a barbell bank or kneel on the floor and the grip (eg Trizepsgriff) on the head with both hands.
 • The torso downward tilt to the barbell Bank or the ground.
 • re-erect up to the starting position.
 • This exercise can also be used with a rope (eg Trizepsseil) are executed.
 • When you pull down the cable exhale
 • When you leave high inhale.
 Home Training:
 • At home, without power station with Cable is not feasible.
 Leg Raise
 • flat on a bench or the ground and with his hands down.
 • The legs lift up these are perpendicular
 • Then legs back down, but not until the bank / on the floor exercise and repeat.
 • If this exercise is too easy, you can weights to fasten their feet. (e.g., weight cuffs)
 • When raising the legs exhale
 • When lowering inhale.
 Home Training:
 • Is it possible to carry everywhere.

Padded straps - 1 Pair

Padded straps for pulling movements of waste and adductors and glutes.
• padded footstraps
• ideal for pulling exercises
• Color: Black

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Prof. Armslings for abdominal training - 1 pair
  • padded Armslings
  • 20 cm wide, with stable Alukarabiner
  • extremely resistant mounting
  • for effective abdominal training (lifting leg hanging)
  • Just put at the Pull bar and arms through the loops
  • Color: black
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