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A dumbbell is a sports device that is usually made of a rod and fastened to the ends of two weights in the form of balls or disks. Light dumbbells are used in the gym and the fitness training, free weights with heavy weights in weight training and bodybuilding.

Types of dumbbells

There are different types of dumbbells, including:

  • One handed
    • dumbbell
    • Kettlebells
  • Two handed weights
    • barbell
    • curl barbell (SZ-dumbbell)
    • Tricep Dumbbell
Also distinguishes between dumbbells with adjustable and fixed weight, which can be filled with sand, metal or water (usually only one-hand dumbbells). The adjustable dumbbells usually have the left and right weight plates made of cast iron, which are secured with locks.

Dumbbell - Closures
There are the following Locking Systems for weight plates:

• Lock washers
• Collars
• Screw
Spring washers allow a very rapid change of discs. Find used where the number of disks is varied frequently. Their disadvantage is that they can slip and create a security risk.

Collars are several centimeters pipe pieces with a screw. The pipe pieces are drawn over the bar and fixed by a screw. The screws coarse There are two variants: Allen and locking toggle bolts. The Allen will wear rapidly. The advantage of the collars is that they fix the discs safe on the barbell.

With screw caps located at the two ends of the bar in each case with an external thread on which a nut is screwed, which locks the weight disks.

Weights and measures
The weight discs usually have following weight division:

• 0.5 kg
• 1.25 kg
• 2.5 kg
• 5 kg
• 10 kg
• 15 kg
• 20 kg
• 25 kg
• 50 kg
With affordable starter sets also weight plates are common to two or three pounds, but which do not allow such favorable combinations.

Weight plates are made of cast iron (also covered with rubber or chrome). The rubber coating to prevent rust and prevent the dropping of dumbbells noise and scratches on sensitive floors (eg parquet). Chrome offers only an optical advantage.

Barbells are available in different diameter-guided tours:

Type handle diameter diameter of weight recording
Standard 30/31 mm 30/31 mm
Olympia 30/31 mm 50/51 mm (2 ")

In addition to these widely used in continental Europe diameters in Anglo-Saxon dominated 1-inch rods (25 to 26 mm diameter). Manufacturers also use isolated proprietary formats.

The rods themselves are made of chromed steel.


Dumbbells efficient training devices are used predominantly for muscle building, but also to increase impact and bounce. The varied uses and wide range of motion, especially in the professional bodybuilding enables the addressing of "hidden" muscles that are often neglected in the modern appliances. Thus, for example, regions of the body weaker antrainieren specifically to ensure a smooth muscle growth. The increased demands on the coordination in particular to promote important for posture muscle inner regions, the mobility and the cardiovascular system.

Typical exercises with dumbbells are: (Reverse) Fly, curl, lateral raises, Shrugs.


Typical exercises with a barbell are bench press, deadlifts, squats, Hot Iron. With a barbell, you can train your entire body. Exercises: Shrugs, rowing, biceps curls, wrist curls.

Curl dumbbells
In the dumbbell curl, and "SZ-weight ', and the rod is bent several times, so some exercises can be performed easily and without stress on the wrists.

The typical exercises with a barbell curl is bicep curls. Another good exercise is the shrug.

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