training goal

training goal

Basic knowledge for the inexperienced Bodybuilders

Many beginners are on their first visit to a gym completely overwhelmed. The first thing you see are the intimidating muskelbepackten lean muscular men and women who routinely pursue their exercises. And thou wilt by the abundance of equipment almost killed. How do you imagine the next question: how does it all work? Even the vocabulary of some Bodybuilder seems like a foreign language to be: there are terms such as pumps, pyramid training, lats, WHs, Scotts or periodization.
But even an Arnold Schwarzenegger, perhaps the most famous bodybuilder of all time, had some his first day in a gym. In fact, we had all this!

The beginning

So first of all, congratulations, you have you decided to try to bodybuilding. Maybe you just want to build mass, strengthen your abdominal muscles, or a little weight to get rid of - all that is with strength training. Whatever your training goals are realistic note of these training goals in the short and / or long term. And then you should have a clearly defined training program. Unfortunately, we can not at this point so-called success recipes offer, but had said as much: some training methods are smarter and better than others.
With the help of this little guide, we guide you through your first three months, and help you for your training to find and a little basic knowledge about bodybuilding to get to you after your own, tailored to your training program can develop.

Bodybuilding - the training

Many experienced "Bodybuilder praise their own training program as a" universal "," ultimate "," super mega ... " Program.
Is there a training program for all what is good? No, or do you really think that a programme for the needs of a 20-year Ausdauersportlers, which is a little body wants to get rid of fat is equally suitable for a 45 year old businessman of his health will improve and for a young man of the race - Bodybuilding is interested?
Each person has trained other motivations, other entitlements and also other genetic potential, and each has its own individual program together. It is really not difficult. But before you start, here are some points which need to be respected.
Consul animals a doctor if you are older than 40 or have any previous injury.
Be realistic but positive: Treasures your present state - and where you are in 2 months, a year, 5 years and want to write this.
Fokussiere your goals and believe that you will achieve them.
Get 3 months time - before you have any judgments about helping if your training is successful or not, because your body needs time to form.
Changes slowly increasing, but 3 months is long enough to make significant changes in the strength and appearance.
Perseverance and dedication are qualities which all successful Bodybuilders have in common. You too?

Preparation of the training programme

Before you have your own program, you develop an understanding of why the program would be. Although we have gone one step further and a program designed for you, everything can be changed in this depends on your individual circumstances. My primary objective as a beginner is a solid basis to create - and not every training program makes in an efficient manner. Study the following items to your bodybuilding program better.

Body part - specific muscle building training

Bodybuilder group exercises according to their body parts and always train a muscle group alternately. A muscle group with 1-3 exercises ensure a successful and effective training. Experience has shown that this type of training for bodybuilding is the most powerful. (Circuit Training allows you like the other hand movements for different parts of the body directly behind without breaks). Any major muscle group should be trained to muscle imbalances and injury to prevent it. The major muscle groups include legs (quadriceps, Beinbizeps, calves, Popo), the legs, shoulders, back (Keystone, latissimus, spinae), the abdominal muscles in the arms (biceps, triceps).


You can figure out a lot to choose which exercises a certain muscle group, but beginners should be the basic exercises remain a solid footing. The first exercise, you use for a given part of the body shall make, a compound movement. (A composite motion, unlike an isolated exercise involves two or more joints, and the results in a greater number of targeted muscle groups. (Note: Some parts of the body, such as biceps, triceps and calves could be covered with insulation training exercises.) Some exercises can be in several ways run. As an example, you can press Bank with a barbell, with Dumbbells or to a machine. Lastly, you learn during a short period of time like these are run and how they can most effectively use ..

Two similar exercises can vary a muscle strain. Z.B. Press bank is a good exercise for the bulk of the breast, but Schrägbankdrücken (essentially banking on a Schrägbank Press) edited the upper chest muscle more effectively. If you also select the right exercises for your training plan you should choose such exercises with the same muscle strain in different ways.


During the first few training sessions you should light weights, take a feel for the proper motions to get. Once you are accustomed to the movement, you can begin to increase the weight.

Even an experienced athletes should force his first record as a warm-up with low weight make the muscles and the connective tissue to fill with blood. In the second sentence add some weight smaller slices. Was it simply continues? If yes, and on the assumption that you are running the exercise correctly, add more weight. If you have to struggle to create 12 repetitions, then add a little more weight to (If you weight in successive sentences adds called the training pyramid.)

Ferry continued to add weight it is difficult to shut 8-12 repetitions. Your goal is in the area of training, where 8-12 repetitions muscle failure is reached. If you once reached such a weight you work with this. So you will be stronger and you will allow the number of repetitions to increase. If you can do 12 repetitions, it is time the weight by about 10%. With this heavier weight you will not be able to create 12 repetitions, but over time you will again be able to. Train in such a manner.

The principles behind this type of training is known as overload training. This improvement occur, you need your muscles steadily higher burden than he is accustomed. (For bodybuilding purposes to approximately two-thirds of your maximum strength). Your muscles to compensate for the cellular level, in which they insert proteins to thicker and stronger. At this point, the same load is no longer sufficient to cause further changes, more emphasis must be added. That is, you need the training stimulus gradually increase to continue to achieve improvements (progressivity).

Follow your weight training by spelling your weight, sets and repetitions in a training log, and the list of your exercises to write.

Some Bodybuilder swing and the dumbbells so you cheat yourself, just to cope with heavier weights. This is not meaning and purpose of the thing.

Training - rates

A set is a combination of any number of repetitions of a single exercise. As a beginner you should usually 1-2 slight Aufwärmsätze of each exercise (especially for the first movement of a body region), 1-3 before you make heavy sentences. This results in overall 2-4 sets per exercise.


A repetition is a unique execution of an exercise. If you have a record with 10 consecutive Bizepscurls do, then the 10 repetitions. During your first 1-2 weeks you should see your weight very easily. So you mean 15 repetitions in the correct execution schaffst. This is mostly in the introductory phase necessary for the proper execution of the exercises to learn. This feeling is to develop substantially crucial, because it means you will note whether an exercise is good for you or not.

After this introductory period, you should see 8-12 repetitions per set to make mass and force (according to your Aufwärmsatz with 15 repetitions, which you at the beginning of each exercise should do). Use a weight, which allows it to the desired repetition number to come in with the same muscle you reach failure.

Muscle failure means that you no further repetition in the correct execution more out of them. If you do not correct repetitions schaffst 8, then the weight is too high. If you have more than 12 repetitions can make the weight is too light. According to the body weight for your next record. (Note: The repeat figures 8 and 12 are not arbitrarily derived figures. Sports scientists have conducted many tests and found out that 70% of the weight with which you can do a repeat (1-RPM), the best results are achieved. And most Bodybuilder reach at 70% of its 1-RPM 8-12 repetitions for the muscle failure.

Also you do not really need to muscle failure to train so that it grows, but you have to at least be close. The call Bodybuilder intensity. But how would you know whether there is almost 100% intensity in its execution sets? Quite simply: If you have another repetition in the correct execution can make, then do it. If you still can make a more then make it

Once you have a base, you could alternate with periods of work. D.h. Then alternating periods with high repetition times (strength endurance), middle repeat numbers (muscle mass / Hypertrophy), and low repetitions (maximum strength), and then again from scratch. This is periodisation. The idea here is that you powerful with each period (Note: Advanced Power athletes such as Power, using slightly different training methods as a bodybuilder, primarily in the area of repetitions is the difference. You will be stronger if you aufbaust muscles, but training, the force should maximize is not identical to the training for Hypertrophy.)

Proper execution

One can only repeat over and over. It is far better to use a weight with which you execute the movement properly, as one where you work scruff just more weight. The end sooner or later in a violation.

Movement speed

Use a smooth, controlled movements during all phases of the lifting of weights. This deliberate repetition rate brings the best results for bodybuilding. Super fast repetitions with schleudernden, clashing movements that can be used for damaging muscles and tendons, while slow training only a small risk. In general, use the most Bodybuilder a formula, a 2-second positive contraction phase (the weight anhebend), a short static voltage phase of the muscle at the moment of maximum contraction and 2-second negative phase (lowering of the weight) pretends.

Breathing techniques during training

Most people do not think much of the respiration before they begin to lift weights, but it should be internalized. Begin every sentence with deep inhalation and breathe, while the most difficult part of the exercise. And Breathe in the easiest position of the exercise, and again in the hardest.

Pauses between sets

In general pause until you feel that you yourself from your previous sentence have recovered. This should normally as 45-90 seconds. Larger muscle groups need a little longer to recover. Smaller muscle groups come faster with the lower pH clear. But do not be so widespread error that you between the sets 3-4 minutes with your friends to entertain, because the muscles in the cold again. That is unproductive and prolongs your training unnecessary. If you have a little more power to walk, asked the slightly longer breaks. The other hand, lead to short breaks means that you are not so difficult to lift it, but this would you increase your endurance. (Interesting: How much you at a certain rate with the number of repetitions can lift depends directly with the length of your breaks.)
Always the full scope of movement to use
Always use the full scope of movement in your exercise. You have the target muscle on his natural movement extent train for best muscle building, and also for injury prevention.

Training frequency

Let's say you do your entire body on Monday. Should you be on Tuesday Repeat until Wednesday or wait? The answer is: Your body needs a minimum of 48 hours rest, according to the training again to regenerate. Physiological Processes at cellular level require rest and nutrients, this group before you can train again. A good rule of thumb: If you have your muscles feel a little (very slight muscles), you are still not as far as this part of the body to train.

If you are advanced bodybuilder and your training, for example, in two parts splittest (eg upper body one day and another lower body, = SPLITTRAINING) you can on consecutive days to train, as long as you do not repeat the same workout. As a beginner you should not longer than 96 hours (four days) can pass without the same muscle group to train. By irregular training are your gains are no longer so good.

Perfect for bodybuilding - beginners: train every 2nd To 3 Day (or three times a week, split = 3). A Monday - Wednesday - Friday (or similar) plan is ideal.

Training time

If you have the exercises, sets, the repetitions and the breaks as described einhältst, you should be approximately 1 hour with your busy training.
What counts is the quality of your workouts, that the intensity is measured erbringst you, not at the time you are in the studio.

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